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Problems We Solve

ElectraFi handles your financial operations and reporting demands, so you can focus on profits and expansion. Our comprehensive, year-round approach is powered by cutting-edge crypto accounting tech, efficient processes and tax expertise.

Get it Right From Day One

Considering cryptocurrencies and digital assets in your business? Setting up your crypto accounting system with a robust, perpetual reconciliation and reporting framework provides a solid foundation for effective treasury management, risk mitigation and growth.

By engaging an external accounting and advisory team for your operations, you gain an affordable solution that enhances your financial processes, making your business more resilient to economic fluctuations and audits.

Contact us before you create your first business crypto wallet (or ASAP)!

Why ElectraFi?

Merging Worlds

As crypto and web3 innovators and early adopters of cloud accounting and crypto subledger systems, we can help you capture, classify and report for all crypto and innovation activities within your business.

Sustainable Scalability

Focus on increasing your profitability. We’ll take care of your blockchain accounting systems and processes to give you full visibility across all areas of your business for informed and timely decision-making.

Harmony in Chaos

Through a continuously observant, strategic and responsive approach, we help set you up for steadfast growth amidst an ever-evolving regulatory and tax landscape.

Adaptive Services

Whether you have been in the space a long time, or are seeking a steady hand to guide your crypto adoption, we will adapt our services to strengthen your organisation’s financial management.

For Accountants

We understand the complexity and learning curve of crypto, particularly in business, is challenging to accommodate. ElectraFi can help you benefit from your crypto clients and with less risk.

For Businesses

We can be your new accountant. However, ElectraFi is not about competing with or replacing your current accountants if the relationship is working well. We can support them to help them support you better.

Our Full Suite of Services

For start-ups, entrepreneurs, businesses and accountants who are strategically pivoting or experimenting with crypto and web3, we are blockchain accounting consultants who can systemise your finance functions and obligations for new business models in web3, blockchain, and crypto finance.

Financial Operations