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For Businesses

We transform your existing frameworks and processes, saving your time and helping you to navigate your company’s financial affairs with confidence and expertise.

Guiding You Every Step of the Blockchain Accounting Journey

We provide SMEs with observant, strategic, and responsive solutions, merging accounting and bookkeeping with crypto operations. Our expertise goes beyond adoption, focusing on efficient, user-friendly automation of processes and strategies that we’ve perfected since 2008.

Why ElectraFi Your

Blockchain Accounting With Comprehensive Business Insights

Crypto accounting and bookkeeping with a robust, perpetual reconciliation and reporting framework provides a solid foundation for effective treasury management and risk mitigation. Plus, if you request, we can onboard your existing accountant.

Crypto Integration

Customised business accounting systems, asset tracking and bookkeeping processes specifically for crypto, NFTs and DeFi.

Strategic Approach

Beyond simply adding crypto accounting and best practices, we take a 360 degree view over your business to optimise strategic planning and tax outcomes.

Maintain Relationships

We can collaborate with your existing accountant, who understands your business, so you get the crypto support you need with the trusted advisor you’re used to.

Easier Compliance

Proper crypto accounting systems and internal controls ensure accuracy of financial and tax reporting, helping to legitimise a business and withstand tax audits.

Problems We Solve

Crypto Accounting

Comprehensive Crypto Business Strategy, Tax Guidance, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Digital Asset Reporting Systems.

Security and Governance

Provision of Crypto and Blockchain Cybersecurity Training and Systems Implementation.

Crypto Accounting Software

Setup and Integration of Crypto Accounting Software, and Crypto POS & Payment Systems for Web3 Businesses.

Crypto Treasury Management

Mitigating money-related risks in any organisation using crypto in its operations.

Guiding You Every Step of the Blockchain Accounting Journey

For entrepreneurs, SME businesses and accountants who are strategically pivoting or experimenting with crypto and web3, we are a blockchain accounting consultants who can systemise your finance functions and obligations for new business models in web3, blockchain, and crypto finance.