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For Accountants

Retaining your valuable clients when they adopt crypto into their business needn't be difficult. We can help.

Guiding You Every Step of the Blockchain Accounting Journey

We’re a non-competitive blockchain accounting consultancy for SME accountants. Through scoping your clients’ blockchain and crypto affairs we can help you customise valuable services to support them effectively on an ongoing basis. We integrate appropriate blockchain accounting technologies and guide you to ‘learn by doing’ – with your clients

Why ElectraFi Your
Accounting Practice

Don't Risk Losing Your Valuable Clients to Crypto Accounting Competition

When businesses consult with us for crypto accounting solutions, we propose to invite you on the journey. Our main aim is to upskill accounting practices, general and niched, to confidently bring digital asset accounting into their existing service models with the clients that they're familiar with, while mitigating everyone's risks.

Transition To Crypto

Expert implementation of crypto accounting subledger and bookkeeping processes, integrated with Xero or Quickbooks.

Keep Your Niche

You don’t need to go all in and niche in cryptocurrency to keep your favourite and most viable clients that are entering this space.

Retain Clients

We help you retain clients seeking crypto services, preventing them from leaving your practice for a crypto accountant.

Retain Talent

Attract and retain accounting talent that want to grow with a progressive firm operating at the forefront of technology.

Problems We Solve

Crypto Accounting

Comprehensive Crypto Business Strategy, Tax Guidance, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Digital Asset Reporting Systems.

Security and Governance

Provision of Crypto and Blockchain Cybersecurity Training and Systems Implementation.

Crypto Accounting Software

Setup and Integration of Crypto Accounting Software, and Crypto POS & Payment Systems for Web3 Businesses.

Crypto Treasury Management

Mitigating money-related risks in any organisation using crypto in its operations.

Guiding You Every Step of the Blockchain Accounting Journey

For entrepreneurs, SME businesses and accountants who are strategically pivoting or experimenting with crypto and web3, we are a blockchain accounting consultants who can systemise your finance functions and obligations for new business models in web3, blockchain, and crypto finance.