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About ElectraFi

We empower SME accountants & businesses to navigate the blockchain revolution with confidence and collaboration.

Unravel the Crypto Conundrum

ElectraFi is strategic partner of the blockchain and accounting industries dedicated to equipping businesses and accountants with the tools, knowledge, and collaboration they need to confidently embrace the blockchain revolution and maintain their competitive edge.


Our Mission

We envision a future where SME accountants stand confidently at the forefront of financial technological evolution, spearheading the seamless integration of AI, crypto, and blockchain into their client’s businesses.

Our ambition is to lead the harmonious convergence of the blockchain and accounting realms, ensuring that comprehensive crypto accounting becomes the norm, not the anomaly.

Through our efforts, we aspire for SME accountants to be celebrated as trusted advisors in this transformative era, fostering growth, talent retention, and unwavering client trust in the midst of the web3 revolution.


Our Vision

Our mission is to pioneer the convergence of traditional accounting conventions with groundbreaking web3 methodologies.

Through 15 years of innovation in accounting practice, paired with our deep understanding of web3, crypto, and blockchain, we craft robust accounting strategies for SMEs, enabling their accountants to evolve, upskill, and thrive amidst this financial renaissance.

Our raison d’être is clear: bridge the gap between the burgeoning blockchain industry and the foundational accounting sector, ensuring legitimacy and sustainable growth in the crypto enterprise.

With participation, guidance, and leadership at our core, we advocate for and protect the interests of SME businesses, startups, and their accountants, positioning them at the forefront of a decentralised financial future.

Our Core Values

ElectraFi is your strategic partner dedicated to equipping SME accountants with the tools, knowledge, and collaboration they need to confidently embrace the blockchain revolution and maintain their competitive edge.


To us, advocacy means more than just supporting a cause; it's about championing and pioneering the movement towards a decentralised future. Our commitment to this value drives every decision, partnership, and initiative we undertake.

We passionately believe that a decentralised system can bring about more equity, autonomy, and empowerment for individuals and businesses alike. As advocates, we don't just follow trends; we aim to shape them, ensuring that the principles of decentralisation are integrated into the very fabric of the future.


Our resilience is grounded in an unwavering belief in our mission and the transformative potential of decentralised systems. The economic and technological landscapes are ever-evolving, often presenting unforeseen challenges. However, we view these challenges as opportunities to innovate, adapt, and strengthen our resolve.

Resilience, to us, means steadfastly holding onto our core beliefs while navigating the tumultuous waters of change, ensuring we're always poised to lead our community towards a brighter, decentralised tomorrow.


The blockchain's immutable nature embodies the essence of truth and transparency, values we deeply respect and uphold. In a world where misinformation can spread rapidly, we rely on the unchangeable nature of blockchain to act as a beacon of trust.

Immutability isn't just a technical feature for us; it's a testament to our commitment to authenticity, honesty, and clarity. Every transaction, every record, every piece of data stands as an unalterable testament to our promise of delivering true value, ensuring our community always operates in a realm of trust.

Value for Value

We believe that every exchange, be it of ideas, services, or currencies, should be rooted in fairness and equity. Our 'Value for Value' ethos ensures that every interaction we have, both with our clients and partners, is mutually beneficial. We recognise and honour the worth of everyone we engage with, and in turn, we expect to be recognised for the value we bring.

This principle goes beyond mere transactions; it's about fostering relationships built on mutual respect, understanding, and shared goals. In championing this value, we aim to create a world where every contribution is acknowledged, appreciated, and reciprocated

Meet the Team

Specialists for arts and entertainment, retail, technology driven businesses and Internationals, putting Bitcoin on the balance sheet since 2014.

Electra Frost

Specialist accountant since 2000 for creative and innovative business, with expertise in international tax, Bitcoin and the digital economy.

Electra is actively involved in Web3 and applied blockchain projects, co-founded a registered charity to relieve disadvantage through Bitcoin innovation, and operates a Bitcoin ASIC miner and LN node.

Lisa Wilson

Qualified Accountant with cloud accounting systems expertise for 10+ years.