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We Handle your Financial Operations, Accounting and Tax

Comprehensive support for web3 start-ups, digital businesses and those using and adopting cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Crypto accounting system integration and automation experts.

Credentials & Affiliates

Bridging the Crypto Chasm

At ElectraFi, we can help accountants integrate crypto services into their practice, whilst ensuring businesses get the crypto services they need - creating win-win value for all.

Why Accountants
Need ElectraFi

Don't Risk Losing Your Valuable Clients to Crypto Accounting Competition

When businesses consult with us for crypto accounting solutions, we propose to invite you on the journey. Our main aim is to upskill accounting practices, general and niched, to confidently bring digital asset accounting into their existing service models with the clients that they're familiar with, while mitigating everyone's risks.

Transition To Crypto

Expert implementation of crypto accounting subledger and bookkeeping processes, integrated with Xero or Quickbooks.

Keep Your Niche

You don’t need to go all in and niche in cryptocurrency to keep your favourite and most viable clients that are entering this space.

Retain Clients

We help you retain clients seeking crypto services, preventing them from leaving your practice for a crypto accountant.

Retain Talent

Attract and retain accounting talent that want to grow with a progressive firm operating at the forefront of technology.

Why Businesses
Love ElectraFi

Blockchain Accounting With Comprehensive Business Insights

Crypto accounting and bookkeeping with a robust, perpetual reconciliation and reporting framework provides a solid foundation for effective treasury management and risk mitigation. Plus, if you request, we can onboard your existing accountant.

Crypto Integration

Customised business accounting systems, asset tracking and bookkeeping processes specifically for crypto, NFTs and DeFi.

Strategic Approach

Beyond simply adding crypto accounting and best practices, we take a 360 degree view over your business to optimise strategic planning and tax outcomes.

Maintain Relationships

We can collaborate with your existing accountant, who understands your business, so you get the crypto support you need with the trusted advisor you’re used to.

Easier Compliance

Proper crypto accounting systems and internal controls ensure accuracy of financial and tax reporting, helping to legitimise a business and withstand tax audits.

Problems We Solve

Crypto Accounting

Comprehensive Crypto Business Strategy, Tax Guidance, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Digital Asset Reporting Systems.

Security and Governance

Provision of Crypto and Blockchain Cybersecurity Training and Systems Implementation.

Crypto Accounting Software

Setup and Integration of Crypto Accounting Software, and Crypto POS & Payment Systems for Web3 Businesses.

Crypto Treasury Management

Mitigating money-related risks in any organisation using crypto in its operations.

Future-Proof Your Business

Are you ready to future-proof your business for Web3? We're here to make your accounting technology experience with crypto as automated as possible. Your time is better spent on boosting cash flow and profits instead of wading through spreadsheets.


Collaborative Approach

We work with both businesses and accountants to ensure they can grow in tandem with digital asset adoption. This approach ensures mutual success in a fast-evolving financial landscape.


Integrated Systems

Xero and Quickbooks integrated accounting solutions for reporting cryptocurrency transactions, enabling the management of all your associated cryptocurrency wallets, for timely monthly reports you can present to stakeholders.


Tailored for Web3

Immersing ourselves in your Web3 business model means we can execute best practice across all finance, processes, strategy, governance and risk areas. Removing obstacles to your success, so you can focus on profits.


Cost Effective

Reduce in-house expenses significantly and focus on what you do best. Let the team at ElectraFi take care of the blockchain accounting infrastructure, tax advice and even fractional CFO services.

How it All Started

The genesis of ElectraFi was a desire to pivot from conventional accounting practices to something more dynamic & future-focused.

Having mastered the art of setting up processes and strategies for businesses, Electra now seeks to usher in a new era where businesses and accountants collaboratively embrace the blockchain revolution.

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Join the ElectraFi Mission!

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